Spring Equinox
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Spring Equinox

This time, our guests found themselves taking an evening drive to our location at Superior Garden Center. About a mile North of Midway, as our guests made the turn off of old Highway 40, the incredible views began. Superior Garden Center sits on a beautiful plot of land, with a small pond and a gorgeous green house. This would be the stage for our Spring Equinox Sunday Supper.

Guests were greeted with a hard cider cocktail as they began their walk around the green house, perusing all of the early spring bounty that Superior had to offer. The day was overcast, but at this point the natural light filled the room as smoke from our grill began to fill the room. 

After they made the tour around the greenhouse, our guests found their seats at the back-to-back communal table. One-by-one, each guest noticed the sensory-stimulating velvet tables to be an unavoidable pleasure; every single person could be seen unknowingly stroking the table linens. In stead of facing each other, we sat our guests so that they could stare out into the floral expanses of the greenhouse, constantly immersed in new growth.

As natural wines were poured, the first plates made their way to the tables. A Cara Cara and Endive Salad, paired with Green Carrot Top Gougeres celebrated both the Winter flavors we’ve loved, and the pungent flavors of Spring we’ve all been yearning for. Still, the smoke from our grill billowed as a haze began to form from every corner of the room.

Course after course, and glass after glass, guests found themselves tasting, smelling, and feeling everything that comes with the beginning of Spring. The smoke continued to fill our nostrils, awakening memories of family gatherings in our own back yards. A touch of frost began to make us shiver as the Spring nights so often do. All the while, as the sun set, the room began to darken. Our only source of light, was from the chandeliers hung above the communal table; our Chefs cooked by a singular dim light.

As the final course arrived and departed, and our guests stood up to leave, they picked from a selection of potted herbs provided by Superior Garden Center for each to take home and nurture, hopefully providing compliment to many meals to come. By night’s end, we added 20 more people to our family.

That, is the real reward for our efforts in this Sunday Supper Series. Month after month, and meal after meal we add a small group to our ever-growing family. For those of you that were there, we can’t thank you enough for making another Sunday Supper so indescribably satisfying. Welcome to our Family..


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Vintage Mardi Gras
to Aug 2

Vintage Mardi Gras

“New Orleans food is as delicious as the less criminal forms of sin.” - Mark Twain

This month, we’re taking a little field trip to The Sorenson Estate. February is the month of one of our favorite celebrations, Mardi Gras, and we are using this Sunday Supper as our chance to show you what it is we love most. 

This event, is a Black Tie affair. Prepare, upon arrival, for friends and loved ones to become complete strangers. Let the beguiling ensue.

As always, all the food and drink you can handle will be provided. 

Here’s a little recap of the evening:

You were greeted with a Gin Fizz..a recipe we borrowed from our friends at The Barred Owl.

Throughout the dinner, you enjoyed this selction of Natural Wines from Claverach Farms:

  • Arnoldofer Gewurztraminer 
  • Zorzal Granacha
  • Vinyes Singulans Cava

Let us know if you’re interested in purchasing any of these bottles for your personal collection.

The Menu for the evening:

  • Classic Beignets and Cold Press Cafe Americano with Barrel Aged Whiskey
  • Oyster Po’ Boy - Black Focaccia with Black Garlic Vinaigrette and Fried Basil
  • Andouille and Tasso Gumbo with Smoked Duck Broth - Anson Mills Carolina Gold Rice
  • Creole BBQ Shrimp with Charred Lemons
  • Okra Etouffee - Anson Mills Toasted Red Farro - Micro Sorrel 
  • Crawfish Boil
  • Not-so-traditional King Cake - Congratulations to Ashley and to Chris for finding the Babies!

Our Vendors and Partners for the February Sunday Supper:

  • A1 Party and Event Rentals
  • Pretty Lil Things
  • The Sorenson Estate
  • MU Tiger Gardens
  • The Barred Owl
  • Stem to Table (Micro Greens)
  • Drew Piester Photography


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Fiery Southeast Asian
to Aug 2

Fiery Southeast Asian

January’s Sunday Supper began years ago on the streets of Brooklyn. Hidden in our favorite burro, is an incredible restaurant with an even more incredible mood; the type of mood that sets a stage for an ethereal eating experience. It was through this inspiration that we began our planning for a Fiery Southeast Asian Sunday Supper.

Our guests were welcomed through a dark hallway, and ushered through a streamer strung doorway into a compact sensory-tantalizing milieu. With Tarantino-esque Thai Go-Go music setting the mood, multi-colored disco balls swirled every inch of floor and ceiling. Thai chili pepper lights strung from wall to wall and back again, paper lanterns and crystal chandeliers filled every inch of head space, leaving no detectable break in up or down. This, was a panorama of embellishment.

Wine and spirits taking effect, diners fell victim to a barrage of heavily-flavored dishes. From pork and crab dumpling with cured salmon roe, to crispy fried sweetbread lettuce wraps with fiery yellow curry. Peking-style duck with smoked duck fat and crispy skin salad, whole flash-fried catfish with Thai basil and green curry, and a rabbit stew to end all rabbit stews...our diners quickly realized why we keep our menus a secret. 

While the food certainly seemed to please, we found ourselves immersed in conversations between former strangers, forced into family by their hallucinogenic uncle that just can’t quite let go of the past. Never a dull moment. 

After the perfect little night ended, a salted peanut and coconut gelato sandwich, our guests said their “goodbyes,” hugging those that 2 hours ago were perfect strangers. Another Sunday Supper come and gone, but an experience worth remembering. 

Check out our Gallery to see the pics!!


Thank you to Drew Piester for the amazing photos, and to our friends at A1 Party and Event Rental for all the swag!


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to Aug 2

Late-Summer Gathering

This evening began as a way for us to show our appreciation to some friends of ours, and ended as an expression of everything we've been feeling this summer. Fresh herbs, charred aromas, delicate flavors, bold colors, and new textiles lent their bounty to our palate. From frolicsome amaranths to ambrosial squash blossoms, as always, we kept Taste prominent from table to plate. 

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