Thursday March 14

7:00am Cheryl

9:30am Brian, Roger, Zach

Friday March 15

7:00am Cheryl

9:30am Brian

3:00pm Roger, Zach, Jody

4:00pm Brian, John, Anna, Cooper

Saturday March 16

9:00am Roger, Zach (Just help delivering A1 stuff to Sager Braudis and then taking break until later)

4:00pm Brian, Roger, Zach

5:00pm Cheryl, Roger Bar

5:00pm John, Anna, Cooper, Cole

Sunday March 17

2:00pm Justin, Zach

4:00pm John, Anna

Tuesday March 19

9:00am Brian, Roger, Jody

10:30am Cheryl

2:00pm Zach, Justin

Wednesday March 20

2:00pm Zach, Justin

Thursday March 21

9:00am Brian, Roger, Zach

10:00am Cheryl, Lowe

2:00pm Zach, Justin

4:00pm Roger, Jody

5:00pm Cheryl Bar

5:00pm 1

Saturday March 30

4:00pm Brian, Roger, Zach, Jody

5:00pm Cheryl Bar

5:00pm John, 1